RECIPE – bbq lime crockpot chicken

During food prep day this week, all my burners were covered, oven full and I still needed some shredded chicken for the week to make street tacos in corn tortillas, tostadas, sandwiches, etc. I checked out my fridge, and found these  ingredients…

I would say to exercise caution when using a marinade, they are often loaded with sugar and sodium, so while marinating is okay, I wouldn’t eat something covered in sauce. But they are GREAT to give protein a lil flavor kick!

BBQ lime crockpot chicken

 6 chicken breasts

1 cup Italian dressing

1 cup barbecue sauce

2 TBSP lime juice

Dash of lea & perrins

  •  Combine all three liquid ingredients
  • Spray crockpot with olive oil cooking spray
  • Lay chicken across bottom, cover with sauces
  • Cook on high 4 hours, or low 8 hours
  • Shred with two forks, drizzle with sauce from crockpot

Just noticed there are actually 7 breasts in there. Thank goodness I can laugh at myself. I just can’t count 😉

And the end result…

“There is only one thing standing between who you are and who you want to be. It’s you. So move over and let your best self through!”



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