food prep day, Sunday Jan 29

I was really excited for food prep day this week! As I posted, last weekend was hectic so I had to wing it last week and REALLY missed my full of flavor meals!

Someone asked me yesterday where I get recipes, ideas, etc. and I can’t really say there is one, or even 10 places. Anytime I find a recipe or ingredient I like, I try it, changing up the details if need be to make it healthier or more my taste. I think the kitchen is a GREAT place to use creativity because rarely is something I make just inedible.

Except the first time I tried to make gravy for my ex-husband and even our dog wouldn’t eat it. Oops.

Today I started crockpot chicken that could do it’s thing while I cooked everything else. I found Stubbs BBQ sauce with only FOUR GRAMS of sugar per serving! I love me some barbeque sauce but if you read labels, it’s typically loaded with sugar. I was pretty excited! 

My theory behind weekly grocery shopping is that you don’t buy things you won’t ever eat, AND it encourages me to buy fresh veggies because they only last about a week. But I’ve found I have to immediately slice, dice and put them in baggies, otherwise I will procrastinate on cutting them. This week we have bannanas, grapes, cutie oranges, cucumbers, zucchini and carrot chips.

Egg muffins came back this week. I made them with whole eggs, egg whites, a handful of turkey sausage crumbes, topped with a little 2% cheese.

I was CRAVING shrimp this week and decided to invent my own pasta dish. I broke out the food processor to chop two roma tomatos and some onions…

Drizzled a skillet with these…

Then added the shrimp, tomatoes, cilantro and some Mrs Dash garlic and herb seasoning. Put it on top of 1/2 cup of whole wheat pasta and I’m thinking it’s gonna be a party in my MOUTH!

While the shrimp is cooking, I was dressing up Tilapia, my favorite fish. Sprayed with no calorie olive oil spray, some Mrs Dash Extra Spicy, topped with parsley, because I’m on this herb kick at the moment.

Next up was Billie Chili, and I will repost the recipe this week for anyone who missed it, or click on topics to the right, then recipes. I like adding zucchini cause I gotta get those veggies in!

Last but not least, protein muffins, a regular on my food agenda. This week I decided to make pear/vanilla/coconut…yes it sounds odd but they are SO good! Recipe coming soon!

Everything goes in tupperware and we’re set for the week!

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2 thoughts on “food prep day, Sunday Jan 29

  1. Thank you for posting this, and I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog! I’m so used to the mindset of buying food enough to last for two weeks, but you make so much sense. The ability to actually eat everything we buy (I cringe thinking of the stuff we’ve tossed) and planning things out should, quite possibly, make this even less expensive than shopping once for two weeks at a time! We’re getting our paycheck soon, so I’ll be trying this out!

  2. Thanks so much for reading! I am the world’s WORST overbuyer, so I only started this myself a couple of months ago…no time for things to rot and actually I spend less time at the grocery store. Maybe 30 minutes every week instead of a couple hours twice a month! Let me know how it goes!

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