food prep day, sun march 3

Let me say first, my camera decided to go haywire and somehow all the pictures didn’t get downloaded.

First, I bought three cucumbers and two bags of carrots, and sliced, diced, divided them into snack size ziploc bags. (Have you seen these? They are small and PERFECT for packing portion sizes!)

Then I got an extra lean pre-marinated barbeque pork loin and tossed it in the crockpot on high for four hours. (Be sure to check the label on these, because anything pre-marinated is often very high in sugar. This one had 1 gram per serving. SCORE!) When it was done, I shredded with two forks, put in snack size bags into six ounce portions and froze them.

(Side note: Unless you are on a heavy weight training program like I am, I would stick to 3-4 ounce protein portions)

Then I made chicken chili with some leftover chicken that was frozen. One can black beans (drained), one can kidney beans (drained) one can diced tomatoes (no salt added) and half a packet of low sodium taco seasoning.

 Since the pork loin was done, I made chicken meatballs to put in the crockpot. (Seriously could not live without my crockpot. I love that it just does it’s thing while I work around it.)

I mixed the ground chicken with some bell peppers, a little bit of green chiles and some olive oil.

While those were cooking, I made fake fried rice, portioning the shrimp seperate to make sure the protein portion was enough. (I used a digital food scale to weigh and I HIGHLY recommend buying one! They are inexpensive and fantastic to have!)

You can see the recipe for fake fried rice here. 

I had four cans of tuna that I wasn’t sure what to do with, so I decided to experiment with my theory that greek yogurt can almost always replace mayonaise and take on the flavor of what you are using. And again, it tasted GREAT!

1/2 cup of greek yogurt mixed with one squirt of spicy southwest mustard and some green chile mix…voila! Tuna salad without the mayo!

Remember that red-tagged clearance meat I bought earlier this week? Marinating for dinner tomorrow night! I only mix 1/4 of the package with water only (due to sodium).

Last but not least, protein muffins. My staple and absolute favorite. I wanted strawberry, so I followed my usual recipe for the muffins, which is here, then added three TBSP of sugar-free strawberry preserves.  They are DELICIOUS!

While I was at the store, I found these things which I think are going to be a GREAT addition to my meals. Have you tried the salad spritzers? SO good and virtually calorie-less!

And, as I told the cashier, “we women just love to shop. We’re not even safe at the grocery store!”

And my Adorables, doing what they do best. Being cute 🙂


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