food prep day sunday, march 10th

Now I LOVE my daughters. I love them so much it’s almost painful sometimes, but I also enjoy my alone time. With their dad and grandparents in town, I had an entire day to myself so I decided to do two of my favorite things, grocery shopping and food prepping.

And, as I told the cashier on my way out, “GEEZ, women can’t even be trusted not to spend too much money in a GROCERY store!”

I started with pre-seasoned chicken I found with my beloved red sticker. (Homeland, for those of you who are local.)

I have yet to try the new salsa I bought last week, so I put these in the crockpot with salsa and left them to cook on high for four hours.

When it was done, I shredded it with two forks…

And froze 6 ounce portions in snack size ziplocs. (That is my protein portion for the program I am on, typically I would say 3-4 ounces.)

These are easily heated in the microwave and GREAT on corn tortillas, wheat tortillas, or mixed into anything!

Then, I got a call from my friend Mike from high school, who had been trying to shove his deer meat on me. I’ve eaten it in the past, having been married to a redneck, but I’m not fond of it. At all. But since he was willing to meet me and give me two lbs if I would try it, I was game.

No pun intended 😉

I can’t lie, it was REALLY hard to watch it cook. The color is different and I can be finicky about food. But it was SO delicious! I made spaghetti with it (whole wheat angel hair pasta with marinara)…

 Then I made burger patties. Bambie patties.

Paired the delicious burgers with 3/4 cup black beans and I’m SO excited to eat these!

THEN I got a little creative. I had ground chicken, a spaghetti squash and some roma tomatos hanging around, so I tossed them into a pan, seasoned it up all Italian like, added some olive oil and it was, well, I’m not sure. Chicken squash spaghetti?

I baked eggplant “chips” for the first time. Sprinkled with fiesta lime and baked at 400 until they got, burnt. Some were salvagable. See? Trial and error!

I found a recipe for zucchini bake, but it just didn’t have enough kick for me, as I like to use lots of ingredients like I’m a real chef or something, so I tossed some things together, baked it and I have a feeling I’m going to love eating veggies this week!

And THEN ziploc baggie egg white omelettes, an idea I read in Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet and never tried. Pour the egg whites into a ziploc, drop them into a rolling boil pan, wait about 5-10 minutes and then squeeze them out!

Last but not least, my beloved protein muffins. I tweaked the recipe this week and I FINALLY have the perfect blend of basic ingredients that can be modified with any flavors. They came out so soft and delicious!

Peanut butter chocolate…

And strawberry peach which I SOMEHOW did not get a picture of!

I will share all the recipes with you this week! Happy food preppin!

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