my best advice for the LiveFit Trainer

I am by no means the expert, especially only being in Week 2 of Phase 2. But I do feel I started this program with a slight advantage because I wasn’t new to weightlifting or clean eating, so there was very little behavior modification required on my part and the ones I did need to make weren’t that uncomfortable.

Having listened to many people discuss and go through the trainer, including some of my good friends, I have learned a lot about the do’s and don’ts. Combined with my own experience from this program and years in the gym, here is the best advice I can give to anyone starting or struggling.

Before I say anything else though, ANYONE who makes it through these workouts is tough. I have pushed myself pretty hard in the gym before, but these workouts are the real deal and would be challenging to most people, so pat yourself on the back because what you are doing isn’t much different than competitive bodybuilders!

I just can’t give up cardio, so is it okay to go ahead and do cardio in Phase 1 even though she says not to?

No, no, and no again. If you can’t give up cardio, this isn’t the program for you, to be blunt. And that’s okay, it doesn’t make you any less, just means it isn’t a good fit. The whole purpose of no cardio the first four weeks is to preserve every ounce of muscle you gain in the gym and cardio will completely defeat the purpose. If your diet is clean, you aren’t consuming lots of alcohol, and you are working hard in the gym you WILL see changes without the cardio. I dropped six lbs in four weeks which even I thought was impossible without cardio. Phases 2 and 3 will not benefit you like they should if you do cardio in Phase 1.

I’m not following her nutrition plan, but I am doing the workouts. Is this okay?

Again, my suggestion would be to follow a different program, or write your own. Her program is designed as a system of eating, exercise and supplements and if you aren’t going to follow it, you won’t get the results. Not only is it important to keep your diet clean, you have to EAT and EAT ALOT to pack the muscle on. I have been consuming an average of 2,000 calories a day with 170 grams of protein and it’s tough to do some days.

But THAT is how you build and retain muscle. Good clean calories and lots of protein! Let go of everything you knew from before, because 1200-1300 calories per day isn’t going to cut it unless you are a tiny person. She has a calculator in Phase 2, and I highly recommend punching your numbers to get an idea of where you should be. A good rule of thumb to follow is 40/40/20. 40% of calories from carbs, 40% from protein, 20% from fat and less than 2500 g of sodium and 25 g of added sugar per day.

I don’t even break a sweat lifting weights so I’m worried I’m not going to lose any weight.

You SHOULD be sweating. Maybe not to the degree you would with cardio, but you have to push yourself hard and if you are doing that, there will be sweat. Or a “slight glistening” as I like to call it 😉

I like to print my workout sheets for the week so I can plan days, times, etc. but also to track the weight I lift and beat myself. Muscles grow when they are stressed, so put the pressure on! You should be able to increase your weight every week, even if it’s just for one set or a few reps. I would also say to make sure your form is good, because without good form, you won’t hit the muscle right. Lift heavy enough to struggle mentally, but not hard enough that you can’t complete the motion.

I can’t stress enough, WORK HARD in the gym. Great results come from hard work.

I still want to be able to live my life and I’m going to drink beer with my friends on the weekends

That’s great, but I wouldn’t expect the same results as someone who is strict with the program. I gave up alcohol, had one minor slip and learned a very valuable lesson. When you are training with weights six times a week, keeping your diet clean, going out for a night of drinking will attempt to sabotage your goals. Your body needs every ounce of rest and energy to recover as that is when muscle growth happens. Alcohol taxes the immune system, makes you crave bad food and affects your mood which will hinder your performance in the gym the following week. It will also make defining your abs difficult, and isn’t that what everyone wants at the end?

I messed up on my eating one day, so I took a couple of weeks off, should I just start over now or go ahead and finish it?

Start over. I can’t stress enough that it’s a program. It’s designed to all work together, so when you commit to a specific program, it’s really important to follow it. Again, if you want to only use certain elements, that’s great too, but you can’t expect the same results. If you slip one day, bad meal, miss a workout, certainly just jump back on and keep after it, but two or three weeks has put your progress behind.

I’m in Phase 2 and not losing weight. It seems like I’m stuck. What am I doing wrong?

Possibly nothing. If you are lifting heavy and eating like you should, it’s entirely possible that your body is making changes you can’t see yet and will not reflect on the scale. Now I don’t think it’s possible for one month to pack on 5 lbs of muscle, but I DO think it’s possible for your scale weight to stall. Toss the scale and only weigh at the end of each phase to save yourself the mental roller coaster ride. TRUST the process. If you know deep down you are following the program, it will all come together in the end, as Phase 3 is designed to strip the fat. I would re-check your calorie numbers, make sure your added sugar is in check, drinking lots of water, pushing yourself with workouts and with all that okay, trust the process.

I started out 50 lbs overweight, will LiveFit get me where I want to be?

It took longer to put on 50 lbs than 90 days, so it’s going to take longer to get it off. BUT I do think LiveFit is a TERRIFIC place for anyone to start, no matter your weight. These workouts could be a lifetime fitness routine for anyone, combined with a healthy diet and some cardio, it’s definitely something you could modify and sustain forever. The worst thing you can do is compare your results with someone else. I started this program with about 10-15 lbs to lose, so it would be really unfair for someone with 30 lbs to lose to compare their progress to mine. Get in a competition against yourself and win!

To sum it up, follow the program. The way it’s outlined. Be patient and trust the process.

8 thoughts on “my best advice for the LiveFit Trainer

  1. Hey! I’ve been following you on fb & really really agree with everything you are saying on the Livefit trainer! I am currently almost finished with week 9 phase 3 & let me tell you phase 3 REALLY kicks your butt. I mean REALLY! And your advice to be patient, sweat & eat clean could not be more true! I saw SLIGHT changes in phases 1 & 2, and NO WEIGHT LOSS, following eveyrthing to the “T”. BUUUUT now that I am in phase 3 I’m ALREADY seeing the muscle that was built underneath shine through as fat melts off!!! Thank you for being quite an inspiration & someone I look to daily online for tips, meals, advice, etc.

  2. i think you could seriously read my mind…i just finished Day 4 Phase 1 this morning and was thinking that i need to take the next 3 days off?!?!?! i thought maybe i should just do a little cardio — i think i’ve been doing cardio this whole time (and i’m not seeing the results i want to i should add) and it’s just a habit and i don’t know if i can give it up!!! BUT i’m not going to do it — i needed confirmation that it will work and you just did that for me 🙂 Thank you!! i will behave and let my body rest!!!

  3. Thanks so much for this. 🙂 I am really enjoying it I just finished day 4. I was wondering what’s ok with the weights though? I’m only at 5 lbs and on some excersizes I struggle so much I can’t keep my form by the end of the set. Is that okay? Do I stop at the rep I’m failing at or do I keep going or regain my composure and finish my set? I’ve never done weights and have no one to ask this.

    • Good questions. If you can do 9 reps easily the weight is to light. If cannot do 9 reps w/ good form it is to heavy. You SHOULD be struggling by the end of the set 🙂 Good luck!

      • This is tricky. What I like to do is start out heavy, then drop the weight when I can’t keep my form. FORM is imperative! For example, I do delts with 15’s, but by the last set on rep 5 I can only lift halfway, so I drop to 12’s and finish. Definitely push yourself and make it a struggle mentally where you think you can’t do it, but if you literally can’t lift your arms to the full rotation, drop the weight!

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