back to basics

I was 19 years old when my friend Chris introduced me to the Body for Life book written by Bill Phillips. The short story is that Bill Phillips owned a company called EAS and challenged people to try his program for 12 weeks and the winner would be rewarded with his cherry red ferrari.

The finalists and their journey was chronicled in a video and I bawled like a baby while also falling head over heels in love with Bill‘s body.

Prior to the baby bawling video, I was no stranger to physical activity. I was a competitive athlete growing up and did cardio in the gym on occasion. But I never lifted weights. Ew, I didn’t want to be all big and veiny and tough and strong. Where would any of those qualities get a woman?

Back to the video. Bill couldn’t pick one winner since they all worked so hard, so he sold the ferrari and bought each of them a corvette. Tears. Again.

I tucked the book away for future reference and dug it out again after the birth of my second daughter, several years later.

I believe in this book so much that I have contemplated re-writing a modern day version and giving it away free. It’s that good. The concepts laid out in this book are the true foundation for a solid exercise and nutrition program and are implemented in almost every program out there that works.

Notice I said, “that works”. <—————— write that part down.

The website takes the guesswork out.

The nutrition plan.

The grocery shopping list.

The sample meal plans.

And recipes.

It’s that simple. In the words of one of my favorite peeps, “it’s not easy, but it IS simple.”

The workouts are easy to plan, take less than 45 minutes and with cardio and weight training on opposite days, it really cuts down the amount of time spent in the gym.

His approach to cardio is my favorite and it’s the way I did cardio the entire time I was losing weight. My favorite quote from Bill, who happens to have an incredible physique STILL, is, “who wants to spend an hour doing cardio? To keep increasing the length of cardio? What’s the goal, to eventually just spend all day in the gym?”

20 minutes of cardio? I am sold. Ten thousand times over. I cannot focus longer than that. Maybe it’s ADD, or maybe my mental hamsters are too active, but I absolutely won’t do an hour of cardio. Notice I said won’t, not can’t. I won’t.

I hope this helps some of you who are struggling. I did learn through Jamie Eason’s program that I LOVE having a program. I like writing it down and following it. I do need more wiggle room however, because I am   not a childless woman with lots of idle time to devote to this lifestyle. I tried doing that, and my life suffered in other areas. Which is fine for some people, to each their own, but it’s not fine with me.

Five days a week, less than 45 minutes, and sometimes only 25 minutes, works for me and I hope it can work for you!


3 thoughts on “back to basics

  1. Thanks Billie…it’s really good to hear your honesty…esp. good to hear from another single mom. 🙂

  2. I feel the same way! I did Jamie’s program but got so burned out before I finished. But I liked having a structured program!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I am currently struggling and was getting ready to email you and ask “how did you start” when i came across this post. I have his book and it is well read and worn, i wish i could say that i have “lived by the book” for the last few years but that is far from the case. I love your honest post about being honest too. I think it’s time to bring THE book back out, dust it off and make some life changes, and focus changes. Appreciate this blog and you!!!!!

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